About Us


In America, the tags on our clothes say "Made in China" but are written in English. So, we decided to take that concept and flip it. We named ourselves Made in America, but with a twist – "Made" spelled as MA¥D and "In America" written in Chinese (Mandarin). It all started as a joke, but from that joke emerged our brand, MAYD!

At the heart of our brand is Momo, our beloved clown mascot, who embodies our spirit of creativity and fun. The yen symbol in our logo symbolizes our belief that creativity is valuable, and we're all about making our mark, both artistically and financially.

MAYD is not just a clothing brand or custom apparel company; it's a celebration of America's creativity. We believe that America's success is a result of its diverse contributions, including those of immigrants like us. That's why we proudly proclaim that we've 'MAYD' it in, or to, America.

Our mission is simple: to inspire creative minds to work hard and dream harder. We do this by creating captivating designs and crafting high-quality apparel that tells a story. We believe if you possess a mind, you possess creativity.

Our ferris wheel logo holds a special significance. It represents that if you wear MAYD, you're in our circle for life. It's also a metaphor for the ups and downs of life – a reminder to enjoy the ride.

So, if you're a first, second, or third-generation immigrant like us, join us in celebrating the American dream and the creativity that defines us!

Founded: December 2015 in Worcester, MA.